Our ultimate benchmark for quality is the complete satisfaction of our customers. Only then, may a successful and sustained existence in the market be guaranteed. The prerequisite for quality is, however, not only a matter of functional products. Therefore, SED Flow Control applies its quality concept comprehensively to all areas of business. This includes research and development, production, suppliers, services and our sales team.

The fundamental areas of our quality policy:

By means of personal communication and direct customer input, SED achieves an accelerated implementation of innovation and customized solutions. This aspect finds support by specializing on development and production areas with efficient experience and extensive training requirements.

“My colleague is my customer” is the motto that applies for each individual step of our manufacturing process. This means that everybody handles their production responsibility in a way that satisfies the internal customer and ultimately leads to the best work possible.

Our customer is our employer and should see their visions and wishes realized. Therefore, our policy is to closely cooperate with our customers to develop optimal solutions and implement these solutions with cost effective results.

The quality of our products is directly dependent on the performance of our suppliers. Through a supplier qualification process, continuous assessments are performed, documented and form the basis of a close customer-supplier-relationship.

The greatest asset of our company is our employees. Embracing quality is not the result of individuals but the outcome of successful teamwork. The ability to develop new ideas, to take on responsibility and to show initiative and creativity brings us continuous development and improvement. Each level of the company believes in our quality and growth philosophy and this is reinforced with continued education.